Thursday, August 23, 2012

Exercise with Caution

No Pain - No Gain is a familiar term for all of us, and I tend to push myself into the Pain Zone.  I want to feel the aftermath of a good workout.

 This week, I might have pushed my body too hard as I've ended up with either a pulled or torn tendon in my leg.   I hate being told to relax and put my feet up.  It's like torture.. I could do so many other things.

A close friend told me that I exercise too much, and therefore I'm to blame for this condition.  I get her point! 

But, the fact is, I have not had any injuries, pain or other ailments, for years, while keeping up with my yoga routine. I love yoga, and the benefit that comes with it.   Normally, I'll practice yoga 3 times per week but for the past 6 weeks, I barely got 3 yoga session in.   My body was slowly loosing its flexibility and strength.

So, I truly believe this injury would not have happened had I kept up my yoga routine.

Now, I'll pay the consequence as I won't be exercising for a few weeks and that's punishment enough for me. 

So, lesson learned.. Know what's good for you and stick to it!

I surely don't want to sit around all day....


  1. You can still do yoga, just focus on some restorative poses to help your body heal!

  2. Pushing your body too hard isn’t good. Remember that exercises should not hurt you; it should make you feel better. Having a torn tendon after a workout is not a good sign. Take everything slowly and when you feel that your body can’t handle it anymore, stop and relax. I hope you’re feeling better now. @ Form Body Lab