Monday, September 17, 2012

Nothing like a day outdoors!

 Summer is for sailing, but I have to admit that I've missed my outings with my Hiking Buddies, so this weekend I was excited to join them on a hike at Niagara Glen Nature Reserve.

I've been to the Niagara Region numerous times over the past 25 years and had no clue that there is a beautiful scenic hiking trail in the area.  I love discovering something new and this was worth the drive.  Great Niagara Attraction for FREE!

 A metal staircase took us 30 meters down the side of a cliff, which is the steepest part of the gorge. The trails wind though a Carolian Forest scattered with huge bolders, left behind thousands of years ago when they fell from the cliffs above.

There are a number of different trails to follow, we chose the one that hugs the Niagara River. 

This is such a beautifully scenic hike that one can't help but get in a good mood.  We had lunch at the edge of a cliff overlooking the Whirlpool.  What a treat!

Hiking in this area involves an elevation change of over 200 ft, so we ended our hike climbing up a LONG staircase to reach the top again.. Pretty exhausting..

I'll be back here for sure...

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  1. Great views! The hike itself looks breath-taking (all those steep stairs... lol)