Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dyngkåt och hur helig som helst.

I loved this books!

The title through me for a loop as it's quite vulgar.  Wasn't sure what to expect.  Closest translation I can think of is "Fucking Horny and Holy as Could Be!

The book is written by Mia Skäringer, a well known Swedish comedian and actress.  It is based on a blog that she wrote for the Swedish magazine Mama.   Mia is brutally honest and humoristic while sharing her life stories about sex, family, divorce, career, and parenthood.

The book makes you think about your everyday life and how most of us live a very predictable life within our society. God forbid if we were different.  I recognized myself in many of the situations in the book and it makes one stop..reflect....and wonder..

Here's two extracts from the book.. (translated from Swedish)

"Damn, I'm tired of all the nagging about sex. All sexologists! All tips! Reportage! News ColumnsHave sexologists themselves a good sex life? Do priests really believe in God?  Does Mia Törnblom really have unbelievable  low self-esteem. Only the devil knows. But this is the world we live in.  A ten year conflict is solved by doctor Phil in ten seconds. Same with sex. Buy a dildo! Surprise your partner! Here are the top ten positions for the woman. This is what mothers are looking for this summer. Nice quick sex."

"I am so tired of the super-moms, self-sacrifice, martyrdom, sex to keep the the peace at home, and false facades.  I long for reality, vulnerability, and tummies and stretchmarks.  I long for people who dare to be themselves and show their true colors without pretense.  I long for "new" Maria's whom by their own will and their own sexual desire dare ask Joseph for selfish sex while baby Jesus is sleeping.  Mothers are people too, or?  Vulnerable.  Weak. Wild and free.  Feelings that come and go.  Just imagine if we all dared to be true to ourselves before we die.  Imagine if we all realized how fucking beautiful we are"

This book left me smiling long after I finished the last page....

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  1. maybe you should see if you could do the English translation! Sounds refreshing.