Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Chilly Dip in The Lake!

Today was a hot one!  With temperatures reaching +33C, suburbia was not the place to be unless you're fortunate enough to have a pool to cool off in. 

Hubby and myself decided to find some relief out on Lake Ontario.  We anchored at the beach not far from our club and decided to cool off in the water.

I dropped down the swim ladder and was plenty surprised when I put my foot in the water.  It was COLD!  We took a reading, and to our surprise it read 14.7C. (59F).  We went for a swim two weeks ago, and the water temperature was 21C (70F).  What the heck happened here.. It's been scorching hot for the past couple of weeks.

I might have spent childhood summers on the Baltic Sea, but let's just say that I did not linger long in the water.  I took two quick dips and I could feel my legs going numb.

It was a very refreshing but chilly dip in the Lake!

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  1. Saturday the water was nice enough to stay in long enough for my fingers to get pruney and water-wrinkled. Swam off the boat at Ward's blue flag beach. Wonderfully refreshing!