Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sailing Weekend to Lakeshore Yacht Club

During our 11 years of sailing we have visited most Yacht Clubs in the Toronto area.

Early in our sailing years, I remember other club members telling me that Lakeshore Yacht Club is nice THOUGH  it's a pain to have to cross the "road" to get to their club house, and it wasn't really somewhere they would visit.  So, we never did prioritize a visit to LSYC. 

We left our dock Saturday morning with plans to cross Lake Ontario but with a lack of wind, our plans changed and we headed for LSYC..

I love discovering new places while out on the lake so I was excited to go somewhere different, and when I have no expectations, it usually turns out much better.  Mind you, I prefer my glass half-full.

The visitors dock at Lakeshore Y.C. must be one of the best one's out there.  Lots of room and covered in bumpers from end to end..  No need to drop your fenders.

The basin has LOTS of room.  They have just added and additional 30 feet between their two docks.  Their docks are great, with long fingers and wide main docks.

YES, you have to cross the bicycle path to get to the clubhouse, but it's really not far at all.  As a visitor, this was not an issue for me.

The grounds at "Lakeshore" has got to be the most maintained on the lake.  Simply beautiful.  Their patio is very inviting with plenty of wooden picnic tables and umbrellas.  The children's playground is "heaven" for parents in need of some entertaining for their young ones.

Humber College is a short walk from the club, and you can even catch the street car on Lakeshore Blvd.

Nothing but positive feedback and we will visit again.  Perhaps for their Friday night specials of $5.

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  1. that looks great! will have to visit this summer.
    The island was insanely busy, even in our little anchorage there were double the boats. We stayed Friday night but then went back to the club for Sat and Sun festivities.