Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ghost Trails - Jill Homer

The story of an ordinary person competing in the Iditarod mountain bike race, in the month of February, along a frozen barren trail in the wilderness of Alaska got my attention. I had no idea such a race existed. It's considered one of the most difficult winter wilderness races in the world, across mountains, frozen rivers and the isolated tundra.  In this race, participants decide what to pack, and when to take breaks.  You're alone against the elements of Mother Nature.

This is an inspirational book where the author Jill Homer, a young woman, have to face her fears, weaknesses and endurance in the freezing cold of Alaska. Any mistake made during this race and Jill could loose her fingers, toes or her life.

I love the outdoors, enjoy biking and grew up in the cold of Northern Sweden but the thought of biking solo through the wilderness and setting up emergency shelter for the night, in the midst of Alaska is both a bit crazy and brave.

Climbing into a sleeping bag, alone, in the middle of the night with only a tent protecting me from the frigid cold and snow; I don’t even want to imagine “what if”????

"What about wolves, what about moose, thank god, the bears are hibernating. But, then again, are there Polar Bears there?".

This was such an intriguing story and easy read that I finished it in two days.

After finishing the book I would say that Jill Homer is certainly no ordinary gal.

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