Sunday, November 27, 2011

The joy of friends - One of my simple pleasures.

Hubby and myself were fortunate enough to be invited to a dinner birthday party last night.

The birthday girl is a great hostess and seems to whip up food effortless   It is always a delight to be a quest at her table.

We had a very nice assortment of cheeses and rustic bread for appetizers. Bellissimo!

A great tasting salad consisting of spiced pecans and shaved Asiago cheese over a bed of muslin lettuce drizzled with a cider vinaigrette was served for starter.  I love these types of salad, but strange enough I always stick to the same Italian style salads at home..  I have to get more creative with my salads.

The main course was fantastic, 40 clove chicken that literally melted in my mouth, along a scalloped potato dish and asparagus.  The nicely roasted garlic cloves did not go to waste as they were perfect to spread on some rustic bread.

I had offered to make a birthday cake for the occasion, and I believe everyone enjoyed the cake.  If there something most Swedes know how to do is - baking.

It was a great evening and I feel fortune to have such terrific friends in my life.  For that, I'm thankful.

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