Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Paganini Contract - Lars Kepler

I so enjoyed "Hypnotisören"   by Lars Kepler that I decided to read the sequel, Paganini Kontraktet.

Once again, we get to follow detective Joona Linna as he undertakes the case of solving some bizarre murders in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

On a summer night , an abandoned large pleasure boat is found drifting in the Stockholm archipelago.   Aboard, a woman is found dead, sitting up in the berth of the main cabin.  Her lungs are filled with brackish water but there is no trace of water on her clothing or hair.  It turns out she's the sister of the intended victim, Penelope Fernandez, a peace activist with a South American background. 

The following day, General Carl Palm Crona is found dead in his apartment in Östermalm, an exclusive part of Stockholm.   The man is hanging from the ceiling chandelier.  The ceiling is high, and there is nothing to climb on as there are no furniture in the room.  How did it happen? 

The link between the two deaths is a photograph that belonged to Penelope.  It is a photograph of international politicians and arms dealers.  Nothing out of the ordinary - except that murders have occurred to stop the photo spread.

An exciting and thrilling book with ruthless arms smugglers who will stop at nothing to carry out their business.

Some contracts can not be broken even by your own death....
This is an excellent crime novel that is brilliantly written.   Hypnotisören was also an excellent read but this one is even better; Looking forward to sequel no. 3.

Hypnotisören is available in English, but no date is available for the English release of the Paganini Contract.

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  1. The Hypnotist is a well-written crime mystery set in Sweden. The subject matter may be a little too disturbing for some but the twists and turns of the story I found to be entertaining.