Friday, August 19, 2011

Merino Wool - Travel Wear

What to pack for a holiday is always a debate in our family.  The girls bring way to much clothing and end up using only a few pieces.  I guess I was the same at their age.  I used to travel with two large suitcases for a week's vacation.  Today, myself and hubby share one single suitcase between the two of us.   I think I've mastered the art of mixing and matching, multi-use of clothing etc. 
Anyone who's met me knows that I love dresses.... Any excuse to dress up and I'm happy to oblige.  So, while on a recent vacation to Florida I made sure to bring along my new classic Black Merino Wool dress from Nature Shop's Icebreaker Collection

Nature Shop claims that the dress packs down to nothing and is designed to travel across seasons and continents and that it is highly breathable and has amazing temperature control. 

Merino Wool in Florida Heat

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that wool actually keeps you cooler than cotton on a scorching hot day.    Never too old to learn something new!

What's so great about this timeless black dress is its versatility.  It can be worn together with flip flops for a very casual day look or dressed up for a chic evening look.

As any boater knows, space is always an  issue aboard a sailboat, so when packing for an extended trip I look for pieces that travel well and that are of multi-use.  This dress fits the bill! 

Disclaimer:This is a sponsored post. All words are my own.

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