Monday, July 4, 2011


I finally got around to getting my M1 license....Really nothing to brag about as it's only the written test, but I'm now Legal on the roads for the next 90 days, so watch out!

We have a graduated license system here in Ontario, and the first test is a written one (M1).   2nd Test is a driving test (M2)  and  the third and final one is a road test (M) .

I took my scooter out for the first time by myself last night and I think I'm in love... I drove around and around the neighborhood trying to familiarize myself with the bike and its features.   Hubby told me I was driving way too slow.. Go figure....He thinks I'm gonna go from lesson 1 to lesson 10 in 4 seconds..


  1. when are you going to give us an update?

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