Sunday, July 17, 2011

Toronto Islands

Toronto Islands has got to be the best summer venue that Toronto has to offer its citizens and tourists.  When my kids were small we spent just about every weekend at the Island for years.  While friends got in their cars and headed north for a long commute to their cottages, we set sail for Toronto Islands where the kids would enjoy the petting zoo, rides, biking, swimming and just being kids in their "cottage country".   Beautiful memories were created here!

We spent the past two weekends at the Island and I never seem to tire of it.  There's always something new to discover.  Last weekend, we stayed at The Royal Canadian Yacht Club with some friends from our yacht club.

We had such a good time; we biked the Islands from end to end which is about 7km, one way.   Hubby played some tennis while I went for a kayak ride, and afterwards we enjoyed the complimentary pool at RCYC.

Toronto Skyline from the entrance to RCYC

Watching the panoramic view of Toronto's magnificent skyline from the cockpit while drinking my morning coffee is such a treat and one cannot help but feel privileged.

This weekend we brought our son with us and stayed at Queen City Yacht Club.  I love all the quaint houses on Ward's and Algonquin Island , and a visit to the Island would not be complete unless I go for my mandatory walk up and down the narrow streets.  This is one of my simple pleasures!

Houses on Algonquin Island
House on Algonquin Island

The weekend was extremely hot so the beach at Ward's Island turned out to be a must!  With temperatures nearing +36C; bright sunny skies; a sandy beach and sailboats drifting by; this Toronto beach could just as well be a beach in the Caribbean or Mediterranean.

FANTASTIC sums up the past two weekends.

FUN FACTS:  In the early 1900's, permanent residents on Toronto Islands were in the thousands.  Here's a link to some history of the Toronto Island's Homes.

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  1. I am enjoying my Island time, as well... now on my second day at QCYC.
    Gotta love those views. Walking & biking lots, plus yoga in the Snug.