Thursday, June 23, 2011

Youngstown - N.Y.

Small town USA has become one of my favorite sailing destinations on Lake Ontario.  Last weekend my husband and I sailed across the lake to the Village of Youngstown situated at the mouth of the Niagara River, which separates the international border of Canada and the United States.

We stayed at the public docks next to Youngstown Yacht Club (YYC).  From our boat we could see Niagara-on-the-Lake across the river, and where the river connects with Lake Ontario, one could make out the silhouette of Toronto in the far distance.  During this particular stay, YYC hosted a Regatta and by the end of the evening there were over 50 sailboats tied up to the docks.  It was a great sight! 

Stairs leading down to Docks at Youngstown

A climb up a fairly steep hill, or up the stairs, will lead you to the Village of Youngstown located at the edge of the riverbank.  This is such a quaint village; looks like it's been frozen in time.  

There is only one grocery store in town and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that it had received a makeover since last year.  I enjoy walking up and down the aisles looking for something different to bring home for the kids.  

I love biking through this quaint village where the streets are lined with houses reminiscent of yesteryear.  

While biking along Main Street, I passed a young family having supper at a small round table, covered in a white floor-length tablecloth, in a shady corner of their large Victorian front porch.  The lanterns were lit on their table, wine poured in their glasses, and a beautiful wisteria vine cascaded down the corner of the porch framing this perfect moment.   I wanted to stop and take a picture but felt that I would be invading their space.  

They have some very spectacular gardens in Youngstown; perhaps thanks to the garden club that's been active for more than 50 years.   

Fort Niagara State Park

I continued my ride to Fort Niagara State Park, which has so much to offer.  There's a winding walkway that follows the riverbank down to Old Fort Niagara which stands on a bluff above Lake Ontario.  I didn't visit the Fort this time as my son and I spent an afternoon there a few years back.

The fort situated at the mouth of the river overlooking Lake Ontario

Next to the Fort is a great swimming pool with slides overlooking Lake Ontario.  It's almost like an infinity pool.  

The weather was fantastic; nice and hot.  There were so many families out enjoying the picnic grounds, and playing sports in the fields.   It brings back so many happy memories from when my children were small.

Sunday was Father's day so before setting sail for Toronto, we went to the local Village Diner for a full breakfast.  The place was crazy busy with people.  Of course, everyone was out celebrating Father's Day.  The diner has a beautiful view of the Niagara River and the sailboats participating in the Regatta were leaving one after another.  

Though I have been to Youngstown numerous times, I always manage to catch a glimpse of something new and unexpected each time.

On a front porch in Youngstown

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  1. You know I still haven't been to that port! Must get there this summer....