Wednesday, June 15, 2011

McLaughlin Bay Wildlife & Darlington Park Trail

Time for a weekday "hike" again.  The hiking group I belong to  meet every Wednesday evening throughout the spring and summer months for an hour walk/hike.

Today we met at Darlington Park Trail,, which actually is a Provincial Park offering camping, boating, fishing, hiking etc. within a 45 minute commute to downtown Toronto.  Wow, one doesn't have to go far to take the kids camping for the night.

It never seizes to amaze me how much is out there.  There is something for every pocketbook.  Toronto and surrounding area is amazing for all that it has to offer its citizens. 

The park is situated next door to General Motors Canadian headquarters in Oshawa, and borders onto northern Lake Ontario.

The park was very quiet, with only a few campsites occupied.  I'd love to come back in the middle of summer to check this place out.  I bet the park is busy with kids playing in the sand; Dads barbecuing; people canoeing and enjoying the outdoors.  Well, that's my vision of a beautiful summer day at the park.    


  1. Great places. I think living in such places have the proper exploration of nature.