Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hiking Buddies - East Duffins Headwaters

What a fantastic morning I had today. I went hiking with my "Hiking Buddies" at Glen Major Forest  located on the Oak Ridges Morraine in the Duffins Creek Headwaters, at Westney Road & Concession 8. 

I was hesitant leaving the house this morning as it was pretty darn cold out, but I'm glad I went.  Once we got moving, I actually warmed up and I had to unzip my jacket.  The sun was shining down between the trees and the snow was glistening on the ground. It was gorgeous.  We hiked for about two hours, and once again, everyone in this group is friendly and nice.

Other than passing a woman out walking her two dogs, and 4 women horseback riding, the forest was quiet.

I cannot believe how much I enjoy hiking.  I came home on a high! It's the same feeling I get after a day on the lake. 

I grew up hiking, walking, cross country skiing with my family, but it always seemed like such a chore.   Well, life has come full circle.  I think it would be good for my kids to get out of their rooms, off their computers and come hiking with me.

They can always join me next week for the Purple Woods Maple Syrup Festival.   Maybe, I'll bribe them with the pancakes we're having before the hike.

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  1. Purple woods! Who could resist?

    So glad you have found another way to enjoy the great outdoors.