Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Best years of my life"

I'm sure I was warned that once my kids became teenagers, life would not be as blissful.  Well, I think I ignored those warnings.  Who can imagine that your adorable sweet babies will be anything other than just THAT, cute and lovable. I absolutely loved being a hands-on stay-at-home parent.  I ran a home-day care for years in order to contribute to the household, and I loved my life. I'd bake cookies daily; go to the local library; zoo trips; playgroups, have tea parties, put on shows etc.  I truly had the time of my life.  My family was my life.  The kids liked helping out; there was always a pair of helping hands when gardening, setting the table, grocery shopping, or folding the laundry. Those were the years when they wanted to please and were content to be rewarded with a hug or perhaps a treat.   Well, those "not-so-blissful" years have arrived and I now have two teenagers and one in training.. To say the least, it's not easy raising and living with teens.  I'm not the center of their universe anymore, and they seem to get a kick out of disagreeing at all times.  The house is always, always messy.  Their idea of tidy does not earn them an A.. There seems to be a constant turmoil of battle.

I'm starting to believe that "nature" is preparing me for the inevitable.  A few years ago, I would have been devastated at the thought of the children ever leaving the nest but not anymore.   I'm looking forward to ME time, a tidy house, things to be found where I left them, and less laundry. 

Well, as I ignored those warnings years ago, I shall try not to ignore the advice I received today.   Life after children can get lonely; a quite house can be depressing; dinner alone can be boring; and a perfect, tidy house might no longer feel like home.   As much as these ARE tough years, I'm sure to look back and say, "these were the best years of my life"...

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