Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mount Nemo - Burlington

With the alarm set early and a chill in the air, I considered staying in bed and bypassing the Mount Nemo hike.  I'm so glad I didn't.

It turned out to be a great hike; the sun made it's appearance and Mount Nemo Conservation Area was a pleasant surprise.  It is only minutes away from Hubby's office and I don't think he knows this place exist.

The forest is scattered with lime stone boulders, and crevices caves. Part of the trail follows the Escarpment edge and meets up with the Bruce Trail.  Some ancient white cedars in this area dates back 1,000 years.  We saw numerous permanent anchors fixed to the edge of the cliffs, as the area is popular amongst rock climbers.  We actually caught sight of one as he made his way up the escarpment wall.

I really enjoyed this trails specifically the path lined with rocks and roots forcing everyone to take greater care while hiking, and the vegetation with mainly birch and maple trees.

A fabulous day!


  1. hey don't forget to label your hikes! That way I can find them when I come back to check for a destination. :-)