Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tiffany and Sherman Falls - Hamilton

Yesterday was a fabulous hike in the "Waterfall Capital of The World" - Hamilton, Canada  There are over 125 waterfalls in the City of Hamilton. 

The rain stayed away and we hiked 14 kilometers through beautiful scenic nature.  Parts of the course was somewhat of a challenge due to muddy conditions but I enjoyed every moment of it.

One can't help but feel good when being surrounded by such a serene nature setting and the sound of water gushing down the falls and trickling down streams; patches of wild forget-me-not growing in the woods; large rocks covered in green moss; and to top it off "a bride and groom" getting their wedding photographs taken in the beautiful lush greenery.

Tiffany Falls - 21 m high

Tiffany Falls

Sherman Falls - 17 m high

Sherman Falls


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  1. Great shots!
    I've heard of this place but never visited.
    It looks so, so green.