Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hiking Buddies - Owl Hunt

Last night, we went on a owl hunt.  About 30 hikers met up at Thickson Woods Waterfront Trail in Whitby for a speedy 1 hour walk.    I often shop just north of this park, at Thickson road, but I never knew this park existed up until last night.  I love surprises!

The first hour we walked a paved pathway leading west around ponds, over boardwalks and bridges and past the site where Canadian Spies trained at Camp-X in the 1940's.

On the way back we entered Thickson Woods, home to a great horned owl and many birds.

One of the oldest hornbeams in southern Ontario guards the entrance to Thickson Woods.  In 1983, a group of naturalist formed a non-profit organization and purchased the woods.   Their mandate is to maintain and protect the flora and fauna in perpetuity.

Signs through out the woods
Home backing on the the woods, and facing Lake Ontario
We did not get a glimpse of the owl on this visit but I enjoyed the moment of feeling completely oblivious to the heavily trafficked Hwy 401 that runs just north of this little woodland area.

Kept looking upwards but no owl in sight

On my next visit, I'll bring the binoculars. 


  1. An owl prowl! How cool is that!!

    I saw owls one night, perched heigh in branches. These were large, so impressive. I identified them based on the call. They were Great Horned Owls. On my street!!!! Have not seen them since. Whaat a magical moment.

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    My email is if you could contact me...Tack...