Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eye Candy - The Lincoln Laywer

I mentioned to my co-workers that I went to see The Lincoln Lawyer, starring Matthew McConaughey, the other day.  One of the co-workers asked, "Who's he"? The rest of us were stunned.  How could she not know?

We tried to explain to her who he is, but none of us could remember any of the movies he's starred in.   Wow, that's when I realized, "He's such eye-candy that he's good looks over-shadows any movie content".  I had to dig real deep to remember any movies he's starred in. 

In The Lincoln Laywer, Matthew McConaughey stars as Michael ‘Mick’ Haller, a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer. Mick has spent most of his career defending " drug dealers and gangsters".  Mick lands the case of a life time defending a rich Beverly Hills playboy (Ryan Phillipe) who's accused of attempted murder.  At first, the case seems straightforward but turns out to be a deadly game where Mick is one of the key players.

I really enjoyed this movie but to be honest, I don't know if I'll remember the story line past next month.  I read somewhere that the movie is like a good episode of Law & Order; that pretty much sums it up.  But, the eye-candy, now, that is unforgettable.

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  1. Bought my tickets on moviefone for the lincoln lawyer!! heard it's matthew mcconaughey's best movie yet!