Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

This is probably a movie that does not need an introduction. I took my two teenage daughters to watch New Moon tonight. Like most teenagers around the world, my daughters are also addicted to the Twilight Saga between Bella and Edward. Kristen Stewart plays the role of Bella, a mortal who is madly in love with Edward, played by Robert Pattison. I can see how this vampire love affair catches the attention of every girl or woman who longs for true love.

I have not read any of the books, but my girls assure me that the books are "even better than the movie version". My first impression is that this "saga" is geared towards teens, and though it is extremely popular amongst them, it is also a hit with the "more mature" female reader/viewer. My cousin, who is in her early 30's, is a huge fan. Another friend of mine, a bit older than 30, cannot get enough of this love affair.
Don't get me wrong, I thought New Moon, along with Twilight, was pretty good. Did I get swept off my feet? "No". Did I long to be Bella? "No". But, I do remember being young, and for a moment I let myself be 15 again and boy, does the gaze of Edward hold one captive.
Perhaps, I'll read the books before the next movie.....

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