Friday, September 11, 2009

Almost Weekend

I love that "almost weekend feeling". It doesn't really matter how many days per week I work, or none at all, the anticipation of the weekend approaching is always the same. One with hopes for relaxation, socializing, good food, laughter, hobbies and having time to spare. Well, I can't say that each and every weekend turns out that way, but I do try to make the most of them.

Last weekend we "cruised" to Oakville, a town on Lake Ontario (part of Greater Toronto area), with approximately another 15 boats and I had a fabulous time. Upon arrival, we gathered for our traditional club punch which was great, thanks to me. (Ratio should be no more than 1 to 3)... The punch was followed by a potluck supper and a surprise 70th birthday celebration for one of our members. We went to bed early after a full day in the sun.
I started the next day with a 45 minute power walk along the shore of Oakville. It was absolutely gorgeous out; sunny, warm, lots of people out for their Sunday walks, and beautiful architecture/gardens along the route. That walk set the pace for the rest of the day. I took my son on a bike ride before lunch, and then I decided to Kayak up Sixteen Mile Creek. I paddled along in a leisurely pace not realizing how far up the creek I had ventured until 45 minutes had gone by. Oops, I had to get back the same way, and my muscles were starting to complain. The creek is fairly deserted, and the water appears brown due to the muddy bottom so my mind started playing tricks on me. I kept a close eye on any other boats approaching as I was thinking up all sorts of stupid scenarios whereby I could be chased down the creek; or I'd had to abandon the kayak and run through the woods; or I would simply vanish. I know there's a reason why I don't watch horror movies, a vivid imagination!  I finally made it back safely, a little tired but relieved that my escapade up the creek was over. I think I'll bring someone along next time.

After such a busy day, I got treated to dinner out. Delicious! Overall the weekend brought laughter, excitement, good food, socializing and some exercise. What more could one ask for? This weekend, I'm going on a girls trip. Just me and my girlfriend at her summerhouse by the lake. Oops, that's sounds like a movie title......

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