Saturday, November 24, 2012

The beginning of Christmas...

Today marked the 30th anniversary of the Swedish Christmas Fair in Toronto.  This event brings our community together; keep our traditions alive; and give our fellow Torontonians a Taste of Sweden.

Many volunteer hours are needed, prior and during this event.  We have some very dedicated people within our community.  Hats off!

I enjoy all the goodies that are specifically imported for this weekend; the open faced sandwiches and baked good that can be purchased in our "Swedish Cafeteria"; and the entertainment offered by our Lucia Pageant and folk dancers.

There are numerous Swedish items for sale.   Myself and my girls arrived early and  had our "eyes set" on some nice Swedish mugs.  Two hours later they were all sold out and we were empty handed. 

This year a special cookbook was created to commemorate the 30th Anniversary.  I purchased one and it contains wonderful recipes contributed by my fellow Swedes.  A great gift idea, especially for my non-Swedish friends.

For many years, I volunteered at the "Children's Workshop" but last year I found my true calling.  I offered to assist with the "gently used book corner" and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to volunteer the following day; and today I was back again.  It's so much fun to browse all these books while meeting new and exciting people.

I had a great day and for me this is always the beginning of the Christmas Season.


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