Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sirila Gentlemän sökes by Karin Brunk Holmqvist

What a fabulous book!  This is a charming book full of warmth and humor.

Alma and Margit, two mischievous old ladies are neighbors and best friends in small town Sweden.  They enjoy taking turns to host morning coffee each day, where the same thing is served every time so the ladies won't have to compete with one another.     

One day they receive news that the municipality they live in is building a cottage resort in their neighborhood and the city is forcing the sale of their homes to make room for a road.  The friends temporarily move in to a nursing home and that's when their adventure begins. 
Siril gentlemen wanted. We are two single women, 81 and 79 years, one of which has a limp . We are each looking for a male friend. We would prefer that you live in or near Tomelilla and have a car so you can drive us to Kivik when the fruit trees blossom. / Last attempt /.
Alma and Margit places a personal ad in the local newspaper.  They are not sure what siril means but they decide that it sounds good.

When they catch the fierce manager Ulla in an extramarital affair with a city council member, Alma begins to order to get their homes back.

A very easy to read entertaining book about deep friendships, a life still full of surprises and first time experiences at an older age.  Too bad there's no English translation for my North American friends.

The author Karin Brunk Holmqvist has published a number of books, all with the same humoristic style so I will definitely read another one of her books. 

This was a true feel good book.  It kept me smiling while reminding me that each stage of life has its beauty!

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  1. Sounds like a good read, indeed!
    I think we need to explore the topic of love and lust in late life more in North America.
    It is almost as though *sex* is something that only applies to younger people (as far as films and media are concerned, in general)