Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rotary Park - Ajax

What a gorgeous day today!  The sun finally decided to pay a visit!

 One of my favorite pastimes is simply going for a power-walk or jog.  I usually walk in the neighborhood, but one of my favorite places for a walk is Rotary Park in Ajax.  

We are very fortune to have the longest undeveloped waterfront in the Toronto Area.  The trail is 6 km long and winds along the shores of Lake Ontario.  It is part of the the Waterfront Trail that runs from Hamilton to Belleville.

 If I walk East, I'll end up at the foot of Liverpool Road in Pickering.  During the warmer months, I sometimes take a break at the Waterfront Dining Bar Patio.  Great place to sit with a drink and take in the view of the Marina and sailboats in the Bay.  Or perhaps, I'll stop by the ice-cream shop for a large cone.  

Ice Chrystal a la Great Lakes

Lake Ontario - Feb 2011
The City of Ajax decided early on that the waterfront should belong to the people, and they've slowly purchased most of the homes along the waterfront.   There are numerous park benches along the Waterfront Trail to sit and listen to the sound of the waves hitting the shore, or simply take in the beauty of Lake Ontario.  On a clear summer day, I can see the sailboats outside Whitby harbor, and if I turn the other way, I'll see the sailboats in Frenchman’s Bay, and beyond that I can make out the fleet of sailboats outside the Bluffer's Basin.  And in the very distance, CN Tower stands proud in the background.

Various Signs Depicting Early Ajax History is posted through out the trail!

Today, the park benches are partially buried in snow; the playground is empty, but there are still people out for their Saturday stroll.

I actually bumped into one of our yacht club members.  Like myself, he was out for a walk enjoying the great winter weather. 

The sound of mother nature when the waves hit the shore has such a soothing effect, and the sun beating down on the snow covered ground puts a smile on my face.  This is one of my simple pleasures! 

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