Friday, February 4, 2011

Quest for silky, smoth hair - Keratin

I grew up hating my wild, frizzy, thick and unruly hair.  I tried just about everything to smooth it out and flatten the hair.  Collecting rainwater to rinse my hair, in the belief that it would become silky smooth.  Sure, soft water is more gentle on the hair than hard water but it still did not give me the soft, flowing hair that my best friend was blessed with.

Friday nights was the the time to shine.   I grew up in a very small town in northern Sweden, and 10 km outside town is the hamlet of Bollstabruk with a population of about 2,000, and THIS is where one of Sweden's largest disco's, at the time, used to take place every weekend.  Hundreds of teenagers got bussed in from cities nearby to attend "Häftig Fredag", which basically means Cool or Groovy Friday, so as a 15-year old my life depended on my hair looking as good as possible.  I'd get started early in the morning to prep for disco night; wash my hair, slightly dry it and walk around with a thick knitted hat for most of the day.  And it worked wonders, actually taming the hair a bit, and if luck was on my side it would last all night.  My nightmare would be that rain, snow or humidity would destroy the hard earned hair-do..

So, thank god for the invention of the Flat Iron.  Imagine how many hours of labor and grief that little tool could have saved me.

A few days ago, I gave Keratin treatment a try.  This product promises to:

 ...smooth coarse and curly hair that resists styling or hair that tends to react to humidity or heat. It is especially helpful for hair that looks dry and unruly after styling and resists holding a set. Keratin coating will give hair a shiny smooth finish that will make it amazingly easy to style.  (

This is not something you undertake yourself, but have a hair professional apply the treatment. An extremely high quality flat iron to seal in the treatment.  Hair is not to be washed for 3 - 4 days after application so it'll be greasy!

I finally washed my hair today, and after styling it, I can honestly say that it's was much more manageable. Blow-drying time is cut in half and the hair feels softer and looks shinier than before the treatment.  And the flat iron is getting dusty in the drawer.

I will definitely repeat this process before the sailing season begins.  Wind, Sun, and humid weather is my life from May to October.!
So for all those youngster that complain about their hair, "Suck it Up, you could have been an 80's teen"!

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