Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hiking Buddies - Enniskillin Conservation Area

What a fabulous day!

I'm so glad that I decided to join the Hiking Buddies Group. We were meeting at Enniskillin Conservation Area @ 10am, for our hike.  It was a beautiful 35 minute car drive across Durham's rural country side with its rolling hills and farms.

I was one of the first to arrive, but it didn't take long for the remainder of the group to show up.  On this particular day, we were 26 participants.  Most of us decided to rent a pair of snowshoes for $5.  The group was divided into "slower" and "speed-walkers" groups.  I joined 4 other speed-walkers that, like myself, were looking for a bit of a challenge.  What a nice bunch of people, friendly and chatty.  Felt like I'd know them for a long time.
I've forgotten how invigorating it is to be outdoors.  What a nice feeling!

After a 2 hour hike through a beautiful evergreen forest, we joined the rest of the group back at the "building" for a pot-luck lunch.

What a feast!  Pulled pork on a bun, chili, meatballs, potatoes, cheese and crackers, coffee, juice, and dessert.

I had such a great time; I will most definitely join Hiking Buddies on another outing!

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  1. After you've been outdoors I find most things taste so much better!

    When you talked about speed walking and snowshoeing it didn't sound possible - the snowshoes I remember are huge, but if those are snowshoes in the photo, I guess it makes it possible to travel a bit faster.