Monday, February 28, 2011

Corpse Pose - (Shava-asana)

Went to my regular Monday night yoga class today.  Because of my son's hockey practice, I had to leave early, but didn't think much of it until I was getting ready for Shava-asana, and and realized it was time to go.

I felt totally robbed of the last 10 minutes; I've really come to appreciate this pose over the years.

I remember my very first encounter with this pose.  I was in high school, lying on the cold gym floor, and listening to the teacher instructing the students to "envision ourselves in a positive environment".  To me, it felt like torture and I was becoming very restless .  The more I tried to concentrate the more my mind would wonder off.  I remember thinking "what a bunch of baloney".   26 years later and I still remember it like yesterday!

I have since come to enjoy yoga; it didn't happen overnight but slowly over time.    Shava-asana is a resting pose and I really shouldn't fall asleep during the pose, but I have. (more than once)

I've never been one to fall asleep on the sofa, or drift off in the afternoon for a nap.  I'm a "do-er", and rarely sit still, so for me to lay flat on the hardwood floor and fall asleep; It's nothing short of amazing.

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