Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Namaste Yoga

My first encounter with Yoga was through a DVD that I borrowed at the local library about 6 years ago. I remember not enjoying it at all, and struggling with holding the poses for what seemed like an eternity. I fast forwarded parts of the video as I was irritated with the slowness of the motions.

I have always been physically active and having spent the past 20 years taking aerobics classes, running, biking and swimming, yoga just did not seem to give me the workout I needed. I didn't feel as if I was accomplishing anything.
My two reasons for even trying out yoga was that I had encountered some sports related injuries, as well as feeling stressed at the time, and had read that yoga could be beneficial for both "problems".
I persevered for about 4 sessions and started to see a dramatic improvement in my mental well being as well as my flexibility. I still struggled with the slow pace of yoga but realized that the benefits were well worth it.
So, for the past 6 years I have been incorporating yoga into my weekly workout and can say that it does bring me an inner calm, flexibility, strength and mental well being.

During my regular Monday class, the instructor mentioned that she sometimes partakes in a yoga class, taught by Dr. Melissa West, that is posted on blip TV. So, last week when I couldn't get to the class, I remembered the conversation and decided to try it out.

There are currently 19 weekly episodes available and I'm determined to try one each day. I have now done an hour of yoga for the past 7 days, and feel great. I'm so relaxed at the end of the sessions that I fall asleep flat on the floor, and tend to wake up when I feel cold.

I wouldn't say that these are my favorite yoga sessions, but very good for the beginner or for someone looking for gentle, basic yoga. I would have liked it if the instructor had incorporated some vinyasas into the sessions.

Namaste Yoga does make me feel very relaxed though. So, let's check in when I'm done with all 19 episodes and see how my body feels.   Simple Pleasures at its best!

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  1. Have you ever tried a Bikram Yoga class? It is really intense, but it could work for you if you are still doing all the aerobics as well. I don't think there is a 'beginner' Bikram but I still might give it a try some day. I will check out the link above, as well....