Friday, November 13, 2009

Law Abiding Cititzen

When my girlfriend asked me to the movies yesterday, I answered, "sure", without even questioning what we'd be watching. On the drive over to the theater, I discovered we were seeing Law Abiding Citizen.  As I've been busy with painting and redecorating lately, I have not been reading the entertainment section and had no clue as to the storyline or any actors in the movie. The movie falls under Crime, Drama, Thriller and as I prefer the Romantic Comedy genre,  I probably would have by-passed Law Abiding Citizen. The plot is about a man (Gerard Butler) who takes justice into his own hands, after his wife and child have been brutally murdered and a plea-bargain sets one of the killers free. Not only does he go after the killers but also anyone who was involved in the case, including the district attorney (Jamie Foxx).

I must admit that I was glued to my seat for the duration of the movie.  It has you wondering what's going to happen next, and I love a movie that leaves me in suspense.... It did have some extremely violent scenes that I shut my eyes to but overall I thought it was an excellent fast paced and intriguing movie. Jamie Foxx stars as the district attorney, and though he is a highly talented actor, he is overshadowed by the character played by Gerard Butler.  He'll probably end up getting nominated for this one.

This movie hasn't fared so well by the "official" movie critics, but I thought it was one of the better movies I've seen this year.

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  1. I hadn't heard of that one, either. Jamie Foxx is one of my favourite actors but like you I would likely have passed this one by.