Friday, September 25, 2009


Friday night and I thought I'd treat my two girls to a movie. They really wanted to see the Time Traveler's Wife but unfortunately it's no longer playing in our town. Mind you, 3 to 4 weeks and movies are considered "old". I suggested "Love Happens" with Jennifer Aniston, and thank god we were all in agreement. "Love Happens" is labeled a romantic comedy about a widower (Aaron Eckhart) who makes a living holding seminars in self-help and grievance. During one of his seminars in Seattle, he meets and fall in love with a women (Jennifer Aniston), who helps him confront his own feelings and grief from losing his wife.
“Love Happens” did not do it for me. It's a cute movie, but I'm sure I won't remember it in a few weeks. It is really forgettable. The chemistry between Ms. Aniston & Eckhart seems to be lacking, and leaves you wondering when "Love Happens”? If it wasn't for Aniston's name drawing people into the theatre, such as me, it probably would have been a disaster from day one. There was one scene that was very touching in the movie though, and while I had tears falling down my cheeks, my two girls didn't seem as affected. Sure, they felt sad but couldn't understand why I got so emotional. Perhaps, it had to do with the storyline of a parent losing his child and a spouse losing his wife. Would I recommend this move? I think NOT. This movie is advertised as a romantic comedy but there was nothing funny about it...hold out for the DVD if you really want to see it.

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