Monday, September 21, 2009

Nearing the end of sailing season..

To us sailors, a sure tell-sign that summer is nearing its end is when the water levels are dropping drastically and we can barely make it though the basin gap that connects us to Lake Ontario without hitting bottom. This weekend, we decided to sail across the lake to Wilson, N.Y., one of our favorite sailing destinations as we wanted to show the quaint little village to our friends whom have never been there before.

We left our docks around 7.15 am and were surprised when the keel of our friends’ boat hit bottom going though the gap. They only draw 5.5 feet so that was unexpected. They quickly backed up and managed to swing around and we were on our way. It was a glorious morning, looking out across the lake the morning sun was sparkling like crystal against the ripples on the water. The sky was blue and we never lost sight of land during the 5 1/2 hour sail. The crisp cool breeze quickly filled our sails and we took turns at the wheel keeping the boat on course, at a steady 4 to 6 knots, as the waves built from 2 to 4 feet midway across the Lake. This was probably one of our most enjoyable crossings in a few years. We often have to use the engine, due to lack of wind. Today, the conditions were perfect.

We pulled into Wilson around 1:30 pm and were welcomed by our always so friendly "neighbors" on the south shore. We all went on a dinghy ride through the harbor and noticed how quiet and deserted it seemed compared to the hustle and bustle of boaters, cottagers, and tourists that normally inhabit this area throughout the summer months. We ventured up Twelve-mile Creek where we caught sight of numerous turtles lapping up the sunshine on the logs and debris floating by. Unfortunately, they were too quick to hit the water before we could snap a picture.

We enjoyed a late lunch at the patio of Wilson Boat House Restaurant I could tell that the season is nearing its end as there were very few patrons in the restaurant, and the nearby boats seemed vacant pending their upcoming haul out in two weeks. None the less, we thoroughly enjoyed our luncheon with a terrific view of the harbor and the sun beating down on us leaving me with sun kissed skin the next day.

All the excitement and fresh air seemed to have taken a toll on the men, and they disappeared for the rest of the evening....szzzzzzzz.. My friend and I enjoyed a few hours of girl talk and truly felt fortunate to be able to live in the moment. Life can be good!!! After a delicious potluck breakfast we headed home in record time, 6-7 knots across the lake on a beam reach. This was another weekend to savor!

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  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful! We got out on both Saturday and Sunday and you're right - conditions were great. I'm optimistic we'll enjoy another couple of weekends.